Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Presentation Night #2

What an interesting night! It felt like one of those jewellery parties but for apps, which is so much more fun! (And also, much cheaper, which doesn't seem right). Here are some of my favourite finds that can't wait to put into my rotation to accessorize my teaching :)

This is My Body: Anatomy for Kids

Learn the basics about human anatomy in a bright, engaging app that includes subheadings for My Skin, Mu Senses, My Skeleton, etc. This would be an amazing app for any elementary teacher, as the Health curriculum includes all of these aspects. I want this!!

Bone Scan Bob

A super fun app for anyone trying to teach a topic that would tend to be a bit dull. 
I like that it keeps track of student scores, as this is a great way to self-motivate.

Skeletal 3D

As the ladies pointed out, this is an awesome app for high-functioning autistic 
students or for for students who qualify for enrichment.

Journalling, or as it should be known, expressing your thoughts and ideas, is such a huge part of Writing and Representing, I couldn't wait to see all the apps that the group had found...

Dragon Dictation

Mister Rogers Make a Journal

A picture-based app for students to create a representation of their ideas. Different scenes like classroom, playground, home, etc. 

Puppet Pal
I WANT THIS!! Place characters and make up your own story. You can include a photo of yourself (your best friend, your Mom, your dog) to be a part of your story. I use 'old fashioned' story starters every day to get my students excited about writing, and this is just fantastic.

Record yourself telling a story as you draw the picture in real time. Can be saved and played back at anytime.  It plays like a movie - you hear the story being told as the picture develops before your eyes. Amazing tool for students who are prewriters!

An email app that you can draw in, add stamps to, etc. then actually email to friends and family.

iDiary for Kids
Really cool password-protected, personalized diary. Time stamped, can write, draw, use stickers, change font, size, and colour, add photos. Can be printed, emailed, etc. 


Free app that essentially turns your iPad into a magnifying glass - you can choose the magnification. You can also pause it (like a screen shot) so that you can read what you were looking at. You can also change the magnification on this screen shot.

Getting to watch the poem on youtube was a great reminder that the simple things can still be great tools - how much fun (i.e. how engaging) did that make a poetry reading?

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